What can I get for my bottles?

Imagine getting everything in this picture just for calling The Bottle Banker to pick up your refundable recycling. If you live in Hinton AB call or text me for a pickup and get a $25.00 gift card and Keen cap for Maximum Work Gear, 2 free coffees from Opas Bake Shop, a Calendar and pen from West Central Communications, Sea to Summit pocket shaving soap and lip balm from Outdoor Outfitters and a coin from The Bottle Banker. Only available while supplies last. Must have atleast 4 garbage bags.

Hours of Operation

Monday 9AM-8PM

Tuesday 9AM-8PM

Wednesday 9AM-5PM

Thursday 9AM-8PM

Friday 9AM-8PM

Saturday 1PM-8PM

Sunday 1PM-8PM

The Bottle Banker

Box 6722

Hinton AB