Updated: Jun 29, 2019

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Enter to win this Scrubba Wash Bag and Sea to Summit Laundry Wash!

How to Enter:

-Answer the 5 questions below: (If you need help getting the answers, the sponsors or offers page should be able to help you)

-Then send in your answers to Please make sure you have your full name in the e-mail.

1) If I were living in or visiting Hinton AB, where would be an amazing place to get some Outdoor gear and what is the address?

2) I want to go to OPAS bake shop at 389 Drinnan Way and try out their lunch special. I am thinking of the loaded baked potato soup and chicken caesar wrap, so...What day should I go?

3) I am passing through Hinton and I would like to stop at a nice local pizza place just off the highway on Carmichael Lane. Where should I go?

4) I heared there was a great place to have a quick lunch on the go, that also has dairy and gluten free options. It is located at 114 Park Street. Can you find the name of this place for me?

5) I am doing some shopping at the Parks West Mall in Hinton.I would like to go to a Casual Steakhouse nearby for supper that has what they call "happiest hours", where should I go? and what number should I call?

Answer these questions correctly for your chance to win. Winner will be announced July 5th 2019! Thank You!

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