• Q- How much bottles do I need to get a gift card? A- It is dollar for dollar so if you have $10.00 worth of empties you can get a $10.00 Gift Card

  • Q-What if I don't know how much I have? A- We will pick up your empties sort and let you know how much you have and what you can get.

  • Q-What if I don't have anywhere near the amount but don't have room to store them up? A- We will "bank" the amount you have for you, until you have the amount needed. 

Hours of Operation

Monday 9AM-8PM

Tuesday 9AM-8PM

Wednesday 9AM-5PM

Thursday 9AM-8PM

Friday 9AM-8PM

Saturday 1PM-8PM

Sunday 1PM-8PM

The Bottle Banker

Box 6722

Hinton AB